Black Lace Bralette – 2 versions

Black Lace Bralette // Handmade by IamERVHAN

Black Lace Bralette – 2 versions

People say I am a crazy beginner sewist.

Why? Because my first project was sewing a bralette with lace and power mesh. And apparently, this is not a project you start with AT ALL as a beginner.

“Lace is too fragile and hard to sew as a beginner!” “You should have started with a woven cotton to learn the basics of sewing!” blablah….

Well, tough on me, I decided to start with underwear patterns. After all, my very first motivation to start sewing was making bras that fit me with the style I love.

I just couldn’t stand buying these already made, flashy and girly bras in the high streets. As seductive as prices can be there, I still never found a brand of underwear that would fit.

I hate to be in discomfort, I guess everyone hates it, so I decided to take the challenge to change this reality. No more bras that hurt me or don’t reflect my personality – and all the burning ritual thing !!

Even if I struggled sewing this pattern, I enjoyed every bits of it. Buying the ballpoint needle was as exciting as topstitching the seams together at the cups – yes, I suffered there to get it right. Or even cutting the pieces was a delight. Why? Because I was making it for myself. I measured every inch of myself and I wanted this first project to fit my bust as close as possible.

For this bralette, I chose Simplicity + Madalynne design. I read her blog online beforehand and loved her concept with lingerie. So I bought the pattern, retraced it with my size on tissue paper, spray glued the mesh with lace according to directions, started cutting and assembled the piece together. I didn’t experience any confrontation with the making. Maybe the sewing itself and knowing the machine was more of a challenge but not the garment itself.

I believe the excitement of making this fragile thing was what kept me going. I am convinced someone else would have made it in a much faster pace, but it took me 3 nights to finish it.

Then the elastic … I wasn’t sure there! Oh yes, I was confused. Should I pull hard while sewing? Or just a little? Was it even the correct elastic? Will it irritate me when worn?

It ended well in the end but I’m sure it could have been made far better. I read online a Coverstitch machine does it all for you in one go with a professional finish, so no regret about my finishes! Ahahah!

But what was more important to me was how it fitted me. And I was surprised that I did well! No pressure under the boobs, very flexible and smooth on the skin. It got around my shapes perfectly. I felt so much more confident in wearing them. But most of all: FINALLY AN ALL BLACK BRALETTE IN MY WARDROBE!!

But wait!

Not just one bralette!

Oh no!

I did the second version of the pattern design!

EVEN MORE CONFORTABLE! This alteration is my favourite of them two. So much more support. It has a cross at the back that links with the closed band around the bust. By not having any straps, I feel more comfortable “under my skin”.

Such a wonderful experience. It was worth the challenge even as a beginner. My motivation was that thick that I got through hard steps like a chef – or sous-chef. Ahahah!


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