B&W Shirt Dress – First attempt

Cotton Shirt Dress // Handmade by IamERVHAN
Black Shirt Dress // Handmade by IamERVHAN

First Attempt at a Shirt Dress

Pattern used: Tilly The Button – Rosie Shirt Dress
Fabric Used: Cotton Shirt – standard weight and feel

Let’s just break the ice … It took me 1 week to sew it! As it was my first time attempting a shirt, I watched and watched all over again online video classes. Before the end of year 2018, Tilly and the Button was offering a discount on her website for this class so I jumped right in and made a side budget for the fabric and the new tools to get.

I loved this experience! She was so throughout and the videos very detailed and at no point did I regret taking this course (in case you were wondering, no this is NOT a sponsored post). I learned topstitching for the first time, hold a heavy threat for the first time and bought topstitching needle for the machine. And the result was outstanding. I never knew how jeans were making this sewing result on the outside and now I got to make a whole garment from start to finish with these!

The little touches that make this shirt mine and personal are the buttons. The last remaining in stock, I was so lucky they had the exact number I needed for my project. I was a bit dubious by the thickness of these buttons but all went well in the end and they fit the garment perfectly well.

When I made this shirt dress, I was unaware of a lot of things! Like using a rotating blade instead of the scissors, fabric weights to cut the fabric faster instead of pinning every inch of the paper pattern on the fabric. I didn’t need to cut a little triangle to mark the notches, but a simple snip would have been enough.

All these little tricks that I learned few days later would have saved me, probably, 1 or 2 days solid. But this is how you learn, right! Learn the longest way and appreciate the shortcuts afterwards!

My gothic look: Black shirt fabric, white topstitch threads, white collar and B&W buttons! Oh yeah!!

My advice to you: if you’ve never made a shirt dress before, I recommend heading over Tilly and the Button’s online course! She never could have made it any easier to follow her steps by steps and get a professional finish.


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