PJ Short using Fabric stash

Viscose PJ Short // Handmade by IamERVHAN
Viscose PJ Short // Handmade by IamERVHAN

PJ Short using Fabric stash

And this Fabric Stash was from my First Pant

After such a failure with my first trouser, I decided to use the leftovers of the fabric. As you can guess, there was narrow measures to make anything new in a big scale.I had to find a pattern that would fit the pieces and McCalls came to my rescue!

When having a sewing project that involves only fabric stash, there are lots of things to be careful of. Like the grain line. Will the pattern pieces fit the dimensions of the stash following the grain line? Or are the directionals according to pattern piece?

Nightwear are the perfect project to use your fabric stash. If it goes wrong, who cares. If it doesn’t fit good, who cares. If it’s a massive failure, you learned with fabric couldn’t do much more anyway. Sewing this way gives you so much room with practicing and low stress. I enjoyed every moment of it even I knew this result will only be seen by me.

Well! It all went good in the end. Only the finishing seams I didn’t bother with. Washing this PJ short is not recommended – at all! It frays at will and it’s a nightmare. Apart from this inconvenience, it is comfortable. I will be happy to wear that in summer time.

Tell me if you agree:
Sewing nightwear patterns can do amazing everyday garments to wear outside.

I am planning on using this pattern again but for an outside purpose. This PJ short has such a comfy shape that I’d love to wear everyday, at work, or for a walk. Maybe taking out the buttons will bring a better illusion – we all know three small buttons at the front are for PJ only. Ahahah!

In three words, I enjoyed sewing my first PJ bottom. It took me two nights to get it done but it was good fun. I learned a different technic of assembling the pockets with the back and front legs. Very interesting the difference of directions with indie patterns and commercial ones.

What is your experience with that? Did you already sew a PJ pattern for a regular short purpose? If so, I’d love to hear about that!


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