#AltFashion in the Sewing World

Black Shirt Dress // Handmade by IamERVHAN

#AltFashion in the Sewing World

Is this fashion style a part of the sewing community?

Long before starting sewing, I hated sewing patterns. Just by the look of it, I decided I would never touch one. The demo pictures on the packs were always too girly for me, too fantasy and for too “happy”. Already deep in the gothic movement, it took me years to see beyond the patterns.

Alternative Fashion is only named this way few years ago. In reality, it’s a mix of gothic, grunge, rock and punk. A bit of a mix of all the rebelious style we have come to know so far which gave it a name everyone would relate to.

The negative point of view I see with this fashion name title is how spread the opinion is about what to wear, what colours match the style and who’s lifestyle it applies to. The most common answer I get is wear a combination of black, grey and white, unmatch the whole and you get yourself an alternative look.

Either true or not, the definition you give to Alternative Style is really up to you and what you make of it. It has this freedom to not be pre-defined like gothic or punk style where you get a good idea already of what are the “rules” to be a part of the movement.

Which gave me this hard time to find sewing patterns to fit in the #altfashion. From all the different styles Pattern Publishers make, garments still look alike. We see an emerging Plus Size patterns and Petite, which is great, but I wished the “gothic” style would not remain in the “costume” category any longer.

So IS #AltFashion a part of the sewing community?

Well, as much freedom as Sewing Patterns give you and the choice of fabric you sew the garments with WILL make THE difference, Alternative Styles are still missing amongst the Sewing Pattern Publishers. You will need to have a great deal of imagination to visualise beforehand an alt style to the pattern you want to sew.

But the good news is, at least we get to be original with unique garments! Wasn’t it the effect we were all looking for anyway! 🙂


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