I’m Going Out! – Norwich Sewcials Event

Norwich Sewcials Event in Norwich 2019

Norwich Sewcials – 26/01/19

I see a lot of sewing event online, happening in real life to meet real people and exchange knowledge. Attending such an event had always been my dream and I have been to few without real excitement. I have been to a blogging event in London by a magazine but I couldn’t share the same level of interest as everyone else. I kind of felt an outsider.

Whereas at the Norwich Sewcial, I just couldn’t wait for it! Funny thing is, I got my ticket one day before the event! That’s right! I asked them on Instagram a few days earlier if any tickets were available and if not so if they could let me know if someone drops out. WHICH HAPPENED – hence this blog post.

I bought my ticket online, in a rush, in my work office, my boyfriend on the phone telling me my bank card details and one of the lady messaging me on instagram to keep me up to date. I was so thrilled to go that nothing could have stopped me from getting those tickets even if my boss was to step in.

Anyway … I really liked this day! The organiser were very welcoming and warm, giving me my name sticker as I stepped in. I found my table near the end of the room, which was big and very well lit, close to the “self-serving” patterns & fabrics area. MY FAVOURITE BIT!

I discovered so many vintage patterns along with sewing magazines. I browsed in there at least 3 to 4 times in between my sewing projects. I took 9 patterns with me – including 2 that don’t have my size, duh – and 2 fabric scrap to get for future reference.

Talking with Emma & Pippa was really nice. They were so knowledgeable, patient & curious, I loved them! They served us tea all day long, brought cakes to keep us positive and came along to ask how we were doing. Things I dreamed would be in such an event.

As it was my first day, I found myself shying away. I talked to 3 women in total: one that was making a trouser and struggled just as well as I was with my Sew over it Pant, a young woman that had her childhood based around sewing and an other lady that gave me more advice than anyone else. She had loads to talk about and a lot of knowledge to pass on. I appreciated it! She even offered me to try the overlocker she brought from home but I let her finish her project instead. But that was really heart warming.

Even if this day wasn’t all day as I would have expected it – finding a sewing soulmate to meet out on weekdays etc – but I still enjoyed it. After talking to the Emma & Pippa, there would be more events to come up in the area and I do know I will be attempting these!

But what did I truly do that day? Well, I managed to get wrong AGAIN with my Carrie Trouser from Sew Over It – read WIP here – and I made an underwear out of cute bunnies – which turned to be popular. I fought a lot against my sewing machine that didn’t like finishing the elastic on my underwear, I re-assembled my trouser’s legs together and managed to make 2 pair of pants. But of course, forgetting to interface the waistband, I had to postpone the final bits of my trouser AGAIN.


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