The Importance of Sewing for Your Own Style

The importance of Sewing with

The Importance of Sewing for Your Own Style

If you’ve never sewn before or used to and gave up,
then this blog post is for you.

Fast fashion is a hot topic nowadays that people mainly critize for making street style MAINSTREAM. Everyone look the same, everyone want a piece of affiliate earnings & a lot of girls wish to stand out from the noise by purchasing pre-defined style.

Fashion is either loved or hated.

We have two sides where people will swear by it and others that will find trends ridiculous and catwalk pointless. Fashion has a power on our personalities that we cannot deny but we have to stand back once in a while so it won’t eat us up.

I’ve grown sick and tired to look like someone else that wear the same things from the same shop. Haute Couture inspires me to look beyond the casual wear and made me think HOW I could make fashion my very own style.

Sewing is THE solution I found to this struggle.

With so many DIY online, I wanted to level up the handmade game by giving my style a more “professional” touch. I won’t deny, it is a tough hobby, an expensive one, and for sure, a slow-making one. There are plenty ways to get things wrong and you can’t help yourself but giving up in the middle of the process when you first start.

If you were to start sewing now an easy t-shirt with a cheap sewing machine but with the fabric you loved buying, you will see that garment differently thinking “how else could I make it MINE?”.

You made it yourself and NO ONE ELSE has it! Even if the finishes are horrible and it doesn’t fit you like a tailoring suit, you can still experiment and give it a story.

And what if you tried again? What if you sew something else just to “upgrade” your skills. Practice makes perfect! And what better but getting on your way to create your own style?

Crafting your own garments WILL make you stand out.

I found as well that sewing helps you develop mentally. How miserable I felt shopping in-store and online, fighting in the aisle over some piece of garments that I might never wear beyond five days. And how less & less exciting it was to receive clothes online that, most of the time, I would return.

If your main goal is to develop your fashion collection/your own style, then sewing will become a part of your life.


Sewing is not only sewing, per say. You learn how to gather, how to ease etc. These methods will open up so many possibilities that you can reuse to personalise your garments. Like keeping the shape of the top but replacing the shapes of the sleeves. Well, what stops you? Use the sewing methods you applied before and start the adventure of making your very own style!


Haven’t you already been attracted by a garment in store/online because of the fit or the details on it but hated the fabric/colour used? There were tons of garments I felt that way in store. “Yes I love this dress but NO I don’t heart New York, I’ve never been there!” Sewing will now play a part where you MAKE the garment AND you choose YOUR STYLE of fabric.


If you get inspired by fashion designers or the new trend ahead, have you never wished to appropriate it to your own fashion style? Sewing is you answer here! Gather as much inspiration as you’d like, copy fashion designer for your own practice (but don’t sell of course!) and make that passion real! Sewing will free your imagination where you will get closer to wearing your dream wardrobe. Get over the frustration of learning sewing, there are so much more to gain from it!


When finally you create your own garments, you free your mind from the mainstream. Therefore, you erase these anxieties and/or these depressive thoughts that you could never be the person you dreamed of. Chanel understood the power of clothings and how it can turn you into a more confident person. She knew that fashion was creating a standard into society. A part of a community you wish to be a part of. If you wish to be part of the most glittery clothing’s community, then make it so! If you wish to wear the most elegant black/gothic clothing and being a part of the alternative movement, then make it so. How? Just sew it your way!

There are tons of reasons to start sewing.

Nowadays, fast fashion is blamed for the impact on the environment. It is blamed for the low-esteem created by their mainstream styles etc.

Sewing is a big thing coming back into people’s life. Not just to stand out of the fashion system but to also share a cause beyond fabrics.

What would be your reason to start sewing? What would be the main barriers you see to start sewing?


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