How sewing became my therapy

Black Shirt Dress // Handmade by IamERVHAN

How sewing became my therapy

I heard and read a lot of people telling their stories about mental health. They all found a solution to either cope with it or confront it and get a better self out of all efforts to make it so. And I was one of the people who struggled for years without figuring how to cope with depression.

I tried many things to keep my brain busy with various creative activities, like drawing, painting, building, writing, singing, planting … and yet, none of these kept me happy for long. I invested in all different tools to try and perfect my skills so maybe my brain would get “trapped” into the hobby.

You can try and try to deny what truly moves your soul but you will never be happy. It took me time to understand that. At least once a year I would try sewing again and it would never stick with me. So I thought, maybe this is not for me after all? It takes a lot of money and a lot of practice so why forcing the hobby?

What still remains true is the expense of this hobby. But should it really stop you from practicing? There were so many ways to still give it a try, like taking clothes you didn’t wanted anymore and cut out the fabric to make something new.

Up until now, for years I wore fast fashion at cheap prices, I hated all contemporary fashion style and I didn’t wanted to be part of the mainstream. So what could make a difference? Is fashion that much of an influence on the mental or who we truly are? I didn’t wanted to believe this at all. This is only clothes that we wear out of necessity. So how sewing became my therapy?

Sewing is a long process. It takes time to cut, pin, assemble, stitch, topstitch, trim, press, decorate and fit. But most of all, you start to fit your body and your preferences! Sewing became my therapy because I was deciding what would fit me, the fabric that I would like, the shapes that would highlight my curves. Yes, it would take time but I would be able to adjust to my taste during the process.

I would start to plan my nights ahead, lay down the fabric beforehand and get it done the next. A notebook on my side and I would take note of what worked and what has to be avoided in the future. I would assess if whether a project was worth doing or if I should try different fit to it again later.

Sewing keeps me grounded. Sewing, I believe, will become my long-term relationship hobby. Constantly evolving, I learn everyday new skills and meet more of the community. I have been connecting with people far more than I every did with other creative activities.

Connecting with these people with the same interest made me even more sure about sewing. I never managed to reach any communities before and only does it seem logical to share with them.

Sewing is an alive satisfaction. You make something, you wear it, again and again, and it evolves with you over the years. People see them, make comments, interacts with you and gets curious. Sewing is beyond than just manipulating fabric and threads. It is an everyday part of your life and you want this to be a successful achievement. So you keep learning, keep practicing, making this art your own.

My nights are being filled with creative projects now. My brain is busy and always on the look for inspiration. A feeling I had been looking for for so long. Bye bye depression! Leave room for creativity!



    • Ervhan
      14/02/2019 / 6:41 am

      Hi Emma! Thanks a lot! It warms my heart!
      Crafts have such a powerful input in people that I wish it would heal everyone!
      And your story is moving too. I am so glad sewing helped you through these sad times too.
      Happy sewing to you 🙂

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