WIP/ First Underwear

Stripes Underwear // Handmade by IamERVHAN

My First Underwear Pattern (& Mistakes)

I finally accepted to use pattern for my sewing projects! Youhou!
I don’t why it took me so long to try them out. I guess I always believed sewing pattern were the “advanced grandma”- kind of thing which would never be accessible to beginners.

But after many research online and watching loads of youtube videos about how to handle a pattern, I decided to dive in.

Why? you would ask me. Well not only did I started to feel exhausted and disgusted by the fashion trend for some years (which I talk about in an other post) , I also felt that I couldn’t find anything to my taste.

Read my other post about Why and How I made the switch to Homemade Clothing.

So I looked at my wardrobe and decided to sew an essential garment that I will need to wear but doesn’t require too much investment. This is why I started with an underwear. Cheap to start with and fast to make, I wanted to take my time and learn at a pace that wouldn’t stress me.

I was lucky enough to have found this fabric on sale at my local fabric shop: £5/pm, jersey, black and cerise stripes … not too bad to begin with!

Sewing this underwear was fun but filled with mistakes. Especially with inserting the elastics! I started with the waist elastic, the longest one, in which I just lost myself in the process. Patience just vanished and one side of my underwear was packed with too much fabric sewn together. It doesn’t look professional and I just wanted to abandoned this project at ones.

By giving myself a long break before diving in again gave me strength to learn properly how to fit the elastics at the legs. I tried again and again, making this whole project longer than it should have been with a professional. I only managed to convince myself to finish it because I will be needing underwear in my wardrobe.

This is the main reason why I chose to start sewing my first project with an underwear: I knew I would get frustrated quickly BUT I also knew I would need to know how to sew this garment in the long run. Throwing underwear is far more common than throwing dresses. These garments are an everyday necessity and I doubt we would live without them, at least I know I wouldn’t! This was a great motivation sewing project and I am glad I stated there.

So I kept on sewing the pieces together, not worrying how the finishes would look like but rather what I needed to learn: how to fit elastics into fabrics and spread it evenly to fit nicely.

It wasn’t easy! And it sure as h**l made me lose it couple of times. Either the pins would fall out, or the fabric wouldn’t hold, or the elastic wasn’t spread evenly …

And guess what … even if this underwear is FAR from being a professional garment, it was wearable!

Yes, the elastic at the waist is really loose and won’t hold the fabric on my skin. But the elastic at the legs were evenly spread which made me proud I kept going and, finally, mastered a bit better the “elastic process”.

All I learned from these mistakes and impatience were how strong and how patient I had to be with the process.

If I want to make fitting garments in the future, I should never be easily frustrated! Especially by elastics!


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