Sewing Journal 2019

Sewing Journal 2019 // Handmade by IamERVHAN

My Sewing Journal 2019

On Xmas Day, I was amused to unpack this fluffy day to day diary 2019. I knew from the moment I had it in hand that it had to be filled with meaningful content. This gift was bought for me in the thought I would use for work, tracking all my tasks and keep my workload clear.

I was seduced by the thought to have a fluffy diary for work – and keep my stress low by touching this black fluff – but it was just too cute to be ruined with work content. I left it on the side at home, contemplating the cute beast every morning and wondering what the fluff I would do with it.

In the meantime, the sewing hobby started to kick in and I was buying loads of supplies to satisfy my thurst. The more I was being into sewing, the more I started to feel messy and forgetting a lot of important information. And this is when my fluffy diary found its true purpose.

The main reason I need a journal by my side was to record my evolution in the craft and mark down things that needed to be practiced or remembered. A day to day diary was perfect for me as I was – and still is – sewing every night after work. Some quick sentences to write before going to bed was the bed “end of therapy day” method.

What do I write inside?

Like I mentioned above, I write what I did that day – sewing related – and then highlights things that I need to remember TO DO or NOT TO DO. Plus, what helped me to find the solution like a website, a quote of wisdom or a tool to use.

It is useful. It give an introspection of whole making. You evaluate after all is done, you revise what could have been done differently. It does help me to focus on my making and check myself up after a while. Then I sleep on it and, 50% of the time, I come up with a different solution or way to finish my garment.

What else do I use it for?

Sewing is also beyond than just recording yourself. There are things that will only makes sense to you later on with physical things: like attaching a fabric sample for a next project, taping a picture of an element or threading a symbol on the page to remind you of something.

I am using my journal to also attach elements of this kind when I get overwhelmed by information. I need to lay things down in front of me with notes and keywords around them. I don’t do that often but this is such a brain relief when it’s done.

Is a Sewing Journal good for you?

It depends if you need to record yourself or not. Maybe you need more of Sewing planner to know what garment to do. Or a Sewing Resource notebook to keep track of your learnings.

Speaking as a beginner on the day I write this post, a sewing journal is vital at the moment. I need to understand how I do things and why and then reflect on it in a few hours time or days later to see what has gone wrong or right. It is a method to self-reflect as a learner.

I believe in the near future I will need to get a “Resource Notebook” to mark down what I learned on the go, what fabric I love using most, what needles to use when using certain knit fabric etc

A Sewing Journal, or other sorts of documentation for this interest, is must. Of all sewing schools and friends in the fashion industry, I can tell they all have some sort of index books to refer to that they made themselves along the way. It helps them individually and makes more sense to them. Buying a reference book is also helpful but it is not indexed by you. There might be information in books that you might not need to come back to.

Dedicate yourself a notebook. Record what makes sense to you, enjoy developing it as you go. It shouldn’t be a burden at all. If you feel you don’t need one, then that’s fine. It has to be part of your sewing journey and it has to make sense.

It does for me to have this fluffy diary next to my sewing machine. Finishing my day by writing information in it helps me to sleep on my two ears better.



  1. 22/03/2019 / 12:20 pm

    Great advice! I have a sewing journal/sketch book too; I’m up to my 8th book and I still refer to the old ones. Highly recommended for everyone who sews.

    • Ervhan
      29/03/2019 / 10:16 am

      Hi Liz! Thank you for your comment. Oh Wow, 8 books! That’s impressive! I wonder in what year I’ll achieve that amount of journals ahahah. Thanks XX

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