WIP/ My First Trouser (a Nightmare)

Viscose Black Trouser // Handmade by IamERVHAN

My First Trouser (a Nightmare)

I’ll be fair with you and myself: this was my second project as a beginner in the sewing adventure, and I was so sure making a trouser couldn’t be that hard!

Well, amazingly, I still think so! One thing that didn’t help me at all was the fabric. It took me 3 trials to understand why I was getting my legs wrong all along. The fabric I chose had no right and wrong side, both sides were the same so making a mirror leg with a pocket that could be sewn in any direction was the death of me.

Amusingly, Emma, the organiser of the Sewcials I went in, gave me a tip that I will NEVER EVER forget to use under these circumstances: use tape to mark my right and wrong sides.

The fabric I chose was Viscose with a thicker consistency. I really liked the feel of it. It wasn’t hard to sew with neither to iron, this fabric amazingly “behaved”.

The pattern I chose to use was an inclusive model of an online class I found before Xmas 2018: Sew Over It with Carrie Trouser and Ultimate Trouser. I was so excited! The videos were self-explanatory. The only down side I found as a beginner is the speed she was explaining things and the lack of more visuals once steps were finished. But again, I believe this online class had to be accessible for everyone and I could pause in the middle or send her a message if I was getting stuck.

There are nothing for me to blame in my struggle but the fabric that had no right or wrong. AHAHAH.

First time around, I cut through a seam allowance that I didn’t understand the use of … big mistake, I had to remake the whole garment again, which meant, buying 2 meters of fabric again.

Second time, finally going past my last mistake, I manage to end up with 2 right legs and no left legs … My boyfriend had a quick look at it and told me about the “mirror effect” AHAHAH. I felt so foulish.

And still, third time around, I MADE THE SAME LEGS AGAIN! So cutting the pockets out, ignoring these details allowed me to make 2 left legs and finish my trouser a last. I ended up with 2 pair of this trouser, something I never though could happen, and I am lucky to like this style as well!

My only regret with this making is the finishes. Obviously, I don’t possess an overlocker (a serger), so the seams are raw and will end up clogging my washing machine with threads. I tried to use a zigzag stitch on the seams as an alternative but nothing goes equal to an overlocker.

An investement that I will highly consider in few month time if I keep on using that kind of fabric or that kind of garmen. A lot of sewist that never had an overlocker for years told me that a zigzag stitch is enough. That you can easily sew “clean” and finished garment without one. So I will give it an other try with the zigzag stitch but my heart goes for this professional finish on overlocker.

Then, the elastic waistband! I got to the fabric shop one night just to go and buy safety pins. Wasn’t that bad. Just the sewing part (obviously) where you have to pull and sew at the same time.

The outcome went great in the end. I believe I will enjoy wearing this pant during summer time. It lightweight and breathable. Handy in times I can’t stand wearing close-fitting garments.

Even if this second creation was a challenge for me, I itch to become more experienced in sewing and alter this pattern to my liking. Like no pockets but lower waistband, shorter legs with elastic at the knees etc

With variations, this pant can easily become a garment I could wear all year-long.

Well, the good thing as well with this pant and all my mistakes is that I managed to use my left overs for a pyjama short. Funny thing was, the short took me a night to start and finish with, only one try and I got the garment fitting me straight after. No mistakes here, no wrong sides with 2 same legs blablabla. It was interesting to see the difference between these two patterns and instructions to follow.


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