WIP/ Naughty Bunnies Knickers

Bunnies Knickers // Handmade by IamERVHAN

WIP/ Naughty Bunnies Knickers

And everyone loved the bunnies

To follow through my bralette underwear adventure, I kept the challenge going with making some knickers. Finding some remnant in my fabric starch, I knew I would not feel so stressed about making it. Funny thing is, this bunny fabric was bought to make my mom’s t-shirt’s gift.

This jersey – so stretchy – is the thickest jersey I have ever owned and touched. So comfy! I swear, I was so surprise with the result and the “drape” it gives. I was worried of the thickness of layers it would gather with the elastics but all went as normal for my sewing machine – ouffff!!

So much fun sewing them!

And they made people laugh! Well … not that I am wearing them outside for everyone to see, but on the sewing day I went to, they all laughed! Simply too cute to resist, people asked where they came from – local norwich shop. This was a fun day. I was starting to picture out everyone using this fabric making different garments.

Normally I hate patterns on fabrics. Really really! I never give them a second thought. I struggle to find the outfit to build the outfit around them. But for this one, it was the exception. I simply couldn’t resist. My eyes saw them and didn’t blink after buying them.

Tell me the truth! You wouldn’t resist these cute bunnies, would you?

Bunnies aside, making this underwear, my second actually – read my first one – was relaxing. I didn’t fear sewing the elastics on as this fabric really got a grip. If only all jersey would be that forgiving – they already are – but I never encounter such a manipulative fabric.

I did have ONE problem making this knicker actually! As this fabric was thick, the elastic would roll out easily with the weight. So I had to double zig zag stitch the elastics in place. You’ll be able to see the second row in the images below. It’s not ugly – I feared it would be – and it gives a stronger feel to the whole piece. When trying the knicker on, it gave me more “support” around the thighs. Really comfortable.


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